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Fate’s fortune will help Warriors survive

By: Amelia Parreira

Klay Thompson and the Warriors got a big break with a second round series against the Trail Blazers while they await the return of Steph Curry.

Klay Thompson and the Warriors got a big break with a second round series against the Trail Blazers while they await the return of Steph Curry.

Once again, the Golden State Warriors blew through the first round of the NBA playoffs as if it were an everyday routine.

With all the history they made in the 2016 season, the Larry O’Brien trophy basically has their name on it already. There’s absolutely no contest.

Or is there?

After MVP Stephen Curry left the first round of playoffs with a sprained knee, the Warriors now face a long road ahead without one of their most crucial key scorers. The team did prove they can stay up to par without the star player, advancing to the second round of playoffs after a 114-81 win against the Houston Rockets in Game 5. If all their future postseason games are like that, the Warriors will be golden.

Though Curry will continue to bring his lucky charm on the sidelines, it’s tough not to worry about what may happen if the Warriors go without his presence on the court for multiple consecutive games, especially when the games are against other top teams.

Yes, it’s true that Curry is not the only one keeping the team together. If it were not for every player out there, the team will not be what it is.

Klay Thompson took over the main spotlight in Wednesday’s game, landing back-to-back 3-pointers, seven in the game overall. Usually that kind of scoring ability is centered on Curry, but Thompson has clearly taken over while his fellow “Splash Brother” is away.

Thompson isn’t the only one stepping up his game. Point guard Shaun Livingston, who stepped in to take Curry’s place, shined like no other. Livingston made all of his shots, six from the field and two free throws, putting 14 points on the board for the Warriors within 17 minutes of the game.

Another huge contribution came from Draymond Green, who scored a total of 15 points in Game 5, including two 3-pointers. Green also assisted eight made shots.

The Warriors will continue their playoff run against the Portland Trail Blazers. The Blazers were a bit fortunate with the No. 3 seeded Clippers’ misfortunate when they lost both Blake Griffin and Chris Paul. After their injuries the Trail Blazers won back-to-back games to take the series in seven games. But they do not seem to have nearly enough to combat the Warriors even without their star player.

As long as the Warriors keep up the powerful defense and offense that we saw in Round One, as well as use the other teams’ weaknesses as an advantage, the NBA world will see a team win it all two consecutive years.

Will it be difficult to do without Curry out and about? Maybe. But the Warriors have so many other amazing legends that it really shouldn’t make a difference (even though Warriors fans will probably miss seeing Curry out on the court in the meantime).

Thus, the legacy that the Warriors have tattooed in the heart of NBA history shall live on.

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