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Spieth still leading windy Masters

Jordan Spieth has led through six-straight rounds at the Masters after winning last years and surviving the harsh wind so far this year.

Jordan Spieth has led through six-straight rounds at the Masters after winning last years and surviving the harsh wind so far this year.

For the first three months of the year all the talk was how Jordan Spieth was proving to be too ahead of himself and struggling even in smaller tournaments, looking like only a shell of himself from last year’s marvelous run. But Spieth has now become the first person ever to lead six-straight rounds at the Masters, sitting at the top of the field by one stroke as four-under for so far with a 140.

With the winds steadily whipping through Augusta National at 15 to 20 mph and gusting to as much as 35 mph, his precision game and iron work has helps him get to the top.

The wind has most definitely been a factor in this tournament. In the second round only four golfer shot under par, and all four were only one-under. Only 20 were under par in the first round. It was Spieth’s six-under in the first round that put him atop the field and has help him keep a narrow distance after shooting 74 in the second round.

The man just barely behind him, who was helped by being the only person in the field to his under par both rounds, is rival Rory McIlroy. The strong-driving 26-year-old from Northern Ireland is looking to complete his career-grand slam by winning his first Green Jacket McIlroy shot a 70 in the first round and 71 in the second and trails Spieth by just one stroke.

If the wind dies down, McIlroy is in perfect position to use his impressive drives to overtake Spieth, but the young American also seems as comfortable as any golfer out on the course through two rounds right now.

But while the two best players in the world are at the top, other world-class golfers were left disappointed by the wind. Zach Johnson, Ernie Els, Rickie Fowler and Phil Mickelson all missed the cut. Bubba Watson was the past person to stay in the tournament with a six-over. Sergio Garcia (even), Dustin Johnson (even) and Jason Day (+1) have work to make up, but with the weather condisions are not too far away.

Amateur Bryson DeChambeau, who played at SMU was cut at the 2015 US Open, but is tied for eighth with an even score through two rounds.

Tom Watson gets emotional sendoff from final Masters

Tom Watson

The legendary golfer won’t ever play another hole in the Masters. The 66-year-old, who has defied the odds for a long time said this was it, and the harsh wind led to it ending just a bit early too as he failed to make the cut after going eight-over through two rounds.

When Watson walked up the 18th fairway he received nearly a minute-long ovation, that only ended once he finally stepped onto the green.

Watson pointed to the crowd, and then his heart before taking his putt. He was 66 feet away from the hole, and hammered it across the green. The crowd was roaring as it approached the hole. But their will was not enough to get it in. It stopped inched away and he hit one more putt in before the two-time Masters champion walked away one final time.

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