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Oakland needs the Raiders

By: Amelia Parreira

Oakland Raiders fans

Relocation; it’s all the rage now in the NFL. Teams want the absolute best and most state of the art facilities and those rich owners, despite having more money than some cities entire budgets, don’t want to pay for it; they want the taxpayers to pay for it so they can have a team of their own.

So when these cities that have real needs to spend their money one are not willing to give up a billion dollars so there can be a 160-foot wide jumbotron or individual television screens in the back of every seat to give fans a closer view of what’s going on down on the field, the owners threaten to leave to a place willing to open the check book to bring an NFL franchise to their city.

We just saw the Rams leave St. Louis for Los Angeles and both the Raiders and Chargers were in the conversation too, but left behind to search for different options.

The Chargers are still trying to find a way to stay in San Diego, but the Raiders have given up on staying in Oakland. Actually they probably gave up on that decades ago when Al Davis sued the NFL; but the talks are heating up again in the same offseason.

The new destination in mind: Las Vegas.

The city of Oakland certainly has been unwilling to make attempts to keep the team in the city, but again, this is a city with 21-percent of it’s population living in poverty and an unemployment rate above the national average. They have bigger things to worry about.

But what goes lost in this battle over money is citizen moral.

Football fans in St. Louis are crushed and disheartened right now. Fans in Cleveland still haven’t forgotten that the Browns once left for Baltimore and Baltimore fans still refuse to use Mayflower Trucks since the Colts left for Indianapolis.

The Raiders mean something significant to the city of Oakland. The Raiders have not made the playoffs since 2002 and haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1983, yet their fans will never turn their backs.

And there is no doubt that no matter how poorly the team plays, their fan base wants them to stay in the place they have been all along to keep the authenticity alive. And when the day comes when the Raiders do finally win another championship, the magic will be stronger than ever.

If they stay in Oakland that is.

Oakland has the Golden State Warriors holding up the city right now, but let’s be honest. The Warriors might be in Oakland, but their name ‘Golden State’ comes from an association with San Francisco, not Oakland. But the Silver and Black, Raider Nation, the Black Hole; that’s Oakland.

They should stay where they are.

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