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Shaky pitching is costing these teams dearly

By: Amelia Parreira

As he stands on the mound of scuffled dirt that he calls his second home, his eyes are fixed on what is 60 feet in front of him. Meanwhile, tens of thousands of eyes are focused on him, waiting to hear the clap of the catcher’s mitt as the umpire yells “STRIKE!”

He is the starting pitcher. Without him, a baseball team cannot find its success.

Many teams in Major League Baseball this season have found this to be true more than not in the relatively short time the season has been in play. Let’s take a look at some teams that just can’t seem to find the right balance between offensive strength and consistency on the mound.

Milwaukee Brewers (15-21)

Wily Peralta

Wily Peralta

The Brewers are rated as the worst team in Major League Baseball. The Brewers’ offense definitely has shown potential, especially after a 10-5 win over the Minnesota Twins in late April. However, the Brewers just can’t seem to make things happen in the pitching rotation, putting them embarrassingly behind in the standings; already 12 games back behind the Cubs.

The Brewers are worst in the league with a 5.19 team ERA. Among starters, Jimmy Nelson is best with an inflated 3.51 ERA. Wily Peralta is supposed to he one of their top pitchers and has only two quality starts with a 6.75 ERA. Chase Anderson is at 6.11.

Unless the pitching staff starts to pull in some true focus, the Brewers organization as a whole cannot even start to move up in the rankings.

Cincinnati Reds (14-21)

Caleb Cotham

Caleb Cotham

The Reds now have an eight-man bullpen, more than what any other team has, and they still can’t manage to hold up the rotation. In fact, the Reds are ranked to have the league’s worst bullpen, keeping a high 6.14 ERA. Only one other team in the league has above a 5.00 ERA, and that is the Texas Rangers only barely at 5.06.

The Reds do have a number of offensive heroes who would be able to hold the team up if the pitching would get its job done as well. Second baseman Brandon Phillips currently leads the team with six home runs and is batting .276. Shortstop Zack Cozart also leads the team with 33 hits and right fielder Jay Bruce in up with 23 RBIs.

Offensively, this team has it, but their pitching is so bad, they have very little hope for success.

Detroit Tigers (15-20)

Anibal Sanchez

Anibal Sanchez

Remember when the Tigers has Max Scherzer, David Price and Justin Verlander? Well they let Scherzer go to the Nationals, and that should be their biggest regret, and they traded David Price when they gave up on the season last year.

This Tigers team, with all of the hitters they have from Miguel Cabrera to Victor Martinez, to Nick Castellanos and Ian Kinsler, Jose Inglesias, J.D. Martinez, Justin Upton, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Mike Aviles… There is no reason why this team should not be competing with the lineup they have.

But while they built up a strong lineup, they dismantled their pitching staff and now have an abysmal 4.41 team ERA that is 4.58 among starters.

The sad part is Jordan Zimmerman is pitching great with a 1.50 ERA, but Verlander is only a shell of his former self while Mike Pelfrey and Anibal Sanchez both have ERA’s approaching 6.00.

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