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Thurman edges Porter in thrilling CBS main event

Keith Thurman Shawn Porter

From start to finish the fist were flying in the slugfest between long-time friends Keith Thurman and Shawn Porter on Saturday night at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. In the first main event televised by CBS in prime time in 38 years, Thurman and Porter delivered what may prove to be the fight of the year, but it was Thurman who edged the close unanimous decision victory. All three judges scored the fight 115-113 in Thurman’s favor, but it would have been just as easy to call the fight a draw and another fight between the two may be on it’s way.

It was their contrasting styles that made the fight so interesting and hard to score. Thurman likes to stand in the middle of the ring and box and counter-punch. Porter likes to get in close and maul, put his opponent up against the ropes and infight.

Thurman claimed after the fight he was allowing Porter to put him up against the ropes and using the old Muhammad Ali rope-a-dope technique to wear Porter down, but Porter never wore down. He has an endless motor and kept coming at Thurman.

Porter nailed Thurman with some great shots and became the first person to open a cut up on him. Where Thurman was actually quite affective was with his counter-punching. In particular it was his counter right that buckled Porter a few times. Porter was nearly sent to the canvas with one of Thurman’s counter punches that landed perfectly on the chin, but Porter quickly leaned forward and grabbed Thurman. That kept him up and gave him enough time to shake it off.

Thurman stayed aggressive and tried to send Porter down, but Porter recovered. But the counter-punching did not scare him away and he kept coming forward, making it at times appear that he was the one controlling the fight.

But Thurman was the more accurate and more devastating puncher clearly deserving of the victory as he retained his WBA welterweight championship. But nobody can say no to the rematch that both agreed probably should happen.

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