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So Much Sports Hall of Fame – 5th Class


So Much Sports is proud to announce the induction of the fifth class to be inducted into the So Much Sports Hall of Fame and it’s another great one. This class has a great mix with three athletes, two coaches and three contributors. Among the athletes, two are faces of women’s sports, in Mia Hamm, who is still to this day the face of women’s soccer, not only in America, but around the world. And Martina Navritalova, who is clearly one of the greatest tennis players in history, joins her. The third athlete is the all-time great ‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson, who to most is still regarded as the greatest pound-for-pound boxer ever and the most technically sounds fighter of all time.

From the sidelines, on the first ballot he was eligible, ‘The Zen Master’ himself Phil Jackson was an easy pick for the group of voters and fellow basketball coach Pat Riley is being inducted.

As for contributors, it’s been a slow process to get people in, but the group was able to agree on these three key people with ease. Howard Cosell, the standard of sports journalism, Lamar Hunt, who has had his hand in the success and growth of just about every sport there is, and Glenn Scobey ‘Pop’ Warner, one of the early innovators of football and creator of the popular youth football league today.

Mia Hamm – Soccer

Martina Navritalova – Tennis

‘Sugar’ Ray Robinson – Boxing

Phil Jackson – Basketball

Pat Riley – Basketball

Howard Cosell – Media

Lamar Hunt – Sports

Glenn Scobey ‘Pop’ Warner – Football



To see all of the members of the So Much Sports Hall of Fame please visit by clicking here.

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Corey Johns

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