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So Much Sports Hall of Fame – 6th Class

So Much Sports is once again proud to announce a new group of inductees into the So Much Sports Hall of Fame. The So Much Sports Hall of Fame is meant to truly distinguish the all-time best of the best athletes and coaches and the most influential contributors involved in sports, regardless of what sport they participated in. This semi-annual class is the sixth one So Much Sports had been proud to induct into the Sports Hall of Fame and it has a very great range of sports included.

Five athletes from five different sports are being inducted, and one coach and one contributor are also being put in.

The sixth induction class includes:

Ted Williams, quite possibly the greatest to ever step into a batter’s box.

Wilt Chamberlain, who will forever be remembered for his 100 point game and simple dominant at both scoring and rebounding.

Rocky Marciano, whos 49-0 record is still the gold-standard in boxing today.

Carl Lewis, one of the most dominant track and field athletes in history and was the man to beat in four-straight Olympic games.

Billie Jean King, whose tremendous performance on the court may not even compare to the off the court impact she’s mad in inspiring women to showcase their athletic ability.

Bill Walsh, one of the finest football coaches in history, who’s imprint is still all over the game today long after his retirement.

and last but not least,

Walter Camp, the Father of Football, whose rule changes effectively created modern football from its rugby orgins.

For the full list of members who have been inducted, please visit the So Much Sports Hall of Fame page.

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Corey Johns

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You could say Corey was born to become a sports journalist. His father won a national championship coaching college soccer. His mother is a baseball fanatic who hasn't missed seeing an Orioles game since 1983 (literally, sometimes it's annoying). His great uncle was a big-time boxing promoter and his maternal grandfather was once a department head at the Baltimore Sun. Basically, sports and journalism run through his blood. He played just about every little league sports there was when he was a kid and was a multi-sport athlete in high school; even playing in the first-ever high school sanction Rugby game in the country. Eventually he retired from sports as an undefeated Maryland state Rugby champion as a high school senior. Perhaps lack of athletic talent has more to do with the retirement, but he will tell you that it more had to do with a great desire to jump right into media. Upon his graduation from University of Maryland, Baltimore County as a triple communications major, Corey started the So Much Sports network and has continued to grow his websites and continues to work to make them premier sports media outlets.

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