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GSP getting title shot in return is laughable

The UFC is slowly becoming the WWE – a place where big names will always headline the big cards because they are the ones who sell the most t-shirts and posters and the way the UFC has treated the middleweight division lately makes that as clear as possible.

The UFC announced that in his return fight, Georges St-Pierre will challenge Michael Bisping and the middleweight championship will be on the line. There is absolutely no reason for this fight to take place. Sure, GSP demanded that it would and the UFC gave in to make sure he signed a deal with them and not a competitor that was willing to throw out some big money, but it makes the promotion lose all of its legitimacy.

GSP rid vacate his title when he took his leave and pseudo-retirement from MMA – regardless of what you may have thought about the controversial decision in his last fight – but he has not fought in nearly four years. And it is worth mentioning that the title he vacated was the welterweight title. GSP has never before in his career fought at middleweight.

Meanwhile, Jacare Souza, Yoel Romero, Gegard Mousasi and Robert Whitaker have been out there, winning fights and earning consideration for a title shot. Yet they will all once again be passed up by a name.

So for what legitimate reason is he being given a title shot?

We don’t even know what kind of rust GSP will have. After one year off, Jon Jones didn’t look anything like his dominant self against a fringe contender Ovince Saint Preux. GSP has been out of the cage for four years. Training can only get a person ready so much; being in an actual fight needs preparation.

Had GSP made a return fight against a contender and going on to a title shot had he won would be a more legitimate way to go about bringing him back. But bringing him back and immediately giving him a title shot doesn’t make sense and especially when the last middleweight title challenger wasn’t particularly worth of a title shot either. Dan Henderson was gifted a title shot as his final career fight. That was bad enough in perhaps the most loaded division in the entire UFC.

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