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The Bears are clueless when it comes to QBs

Once again this offseason the Bears have shown they have no clue how to handle quarterbacks.

Finding a franchise quarterback is no exact science. They come from all over the place, big schools, small schools, with hype, without hype, heck, even from the Arena Football League once.

It’s impossible to project certain things about a quarterback’s personality, their drive, and determination and desire to outwork everybody to become the games best at the toughest position there are on the gridiron. So sometimes teams and general managers should be forgiven when a guy fails. Most thought Blake Bortles, with his size, arm and ability to maneuver around, could become the next Ben Roethlisberger. Most thought that Robert Griffin III would be a stud in the NFL because of his remarkable playmaking ability. Most probably had absolutely no opinion about Tom Brady or ever even heard of Kurt Warner.

But the Chicago Bears are far past the point where they can be forgiven for their poor decision making when it comes to the quarterback position. This offseason the Bears finally made the long, overdue move to move on from Jay Cutler, but they decided to sign Mike Glennon and Mark Sanchez.

Somehow, the Bears got worse at the position.

Maybe we’re wrong about Glennon and these professionals who scout guys every day know something that nobody else does, but there is no legitimate reason why anybody should believe Glennon can be a franchise quarterback. He was completely mediocre for the Buccaneers, leading to them drafting a different quarterback in Jameis Winston and then never even really saw the field the past two years.

But his three-year, $45 million deal that included $18 million guaranteed looks like the next big money quarterback scam.

In a way, as horrible as they’ve handled the Kirk Cousins situation, the Washington Football team should be commended for how they have declined to truly commit to him. He may be the best option they have at this very moment, but if they truly don’t believe they can win a Super Bowl with him then there is no reason for them to commit a ton of money to him over a long period of time.

There is no reason why the Bears should think they can win a Super Bowl with Glennon as their starter and Mark Sanchez as his backup.

Again, maybe everybody is wrong, but the Bears history shows they just don’t have a clue. They’ve had 34 starting quarterbacks since Jim McMahon went in 1985. Glennon more than likely will be the 35th.

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Corey Johns

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