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Cavs epic Game 4 avoids finals sweep

The Cavaliers sent a great reminder that they are the defending NBA Champions and put up a great Game 4 to avoid being swept by the Warriors.

And here we all thought the Cleveland Cavaliers gave their best shot to the Golden State Warriors in Game 3. Game 4 showed to be a different animal that the Cavs can be as they avoided an NBA Finals sweep. It was the epic heavyweight fight that everybody wanted and expected – filled with a lot of battling and fighting and jawing between the two teams.

LeBron James passed ‘Magic’ Johnson for most NBA Finals triple-doubles with 31 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds. Kyrie Irving was electric with 40 points, and seven made 3-pointers. Kevin Love and JR Smith were also great from beyond the arc as Cleveland set an NBA Finals record with 24 made 3-pointers in the game, just one behind the overall league record for triples in a game. And they broke the Warriors record for 3-pointers in one half set just Wednesday, nailing 13 from deep.

That led to a 137-116 blowout of the Warriors. Cleveland set an NBA Finals record with 49 points in the first quarter, the most scored in any quarter of an NBA Finals game. At halftime, they led 86-68.

Think about that, had you been told the Warriors would score 68 points in the first half of Game 4, it would be assumed that they would be planning their trip back home to celebrate. Instead, they have to go back to Oakland to play another game.

Wrapped in the middle of this game was epic jawing between James and Kevin Durant, Draymond Green being the mouthy X-Factor he is seven technical fouls. The hatred between the two teams was there.

The Cavs played with anger and showed why they are the defending champions. Even if that message was only sent for just one night, even if the Warriors go back and end the series back in Oakland, they sent it and refused to let the Warriors complete their quest for a 16-0 postseason run. And if the Cavaliers end up winning in Oakland and force things back to Cleveland for a Game 6, the pressure is entirely back on Golden State to close this out.

That makes it so sad that the Cavaliers blew Game 3 because this could be an epic NBA Finals right now had they won that game on Wednesday. Instead, they have to try to hand the Warriors four straight defeats, which hasn’t been done since 2013.

But as Yoga Berra said: “It ain’t over ‘till it’s over.” And indeed, Game 4 proved that to be very true. Maybe this series is just heating up.

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