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Stevenson makes quick work of Fonfara

Adonis Stevenson earned his technical knockout of Andrzej Fonfara not even 30 seconds into the second round.

Adonis Stevenson still didn’t endear himself to many fans, but he certainly did earn himself perhaps his best victory of a lengthy, but otherwise lackluster light heavyweight championship reign.

In a rematch of a highly-competitive 2014 fight against Andrzej Fonfara, Stevenson earned a technical knockout just 28 seconds into the second round. It was the mostly inactive Stevenson’s first fight in nearly a year, but he showed no signs of rust or decline at the age of 39 as he dominated a 29-year-old opponent, who seemed to be much improved since the last time they fought.

Fonfara lost a unanimous decision to Stevenson in May 2014, but sent the champion down and looked like an actual threat to him. After that fight, though, Fonfara beat up on a few opponents and was the victor in the infamous Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. fight where the legend’s son quit because he was so outmatched. After getting a TKO over former champion Chad Dawson in March, Fonfara looked like he would be ready for another ultra-competitive contest against Stevenson.

But that is not what happened.

The southpaw Stevenson landed his hard left hand from the opening bell and sent Fonfara to the mat with a counter-left that was followed by another left.

Fonfara got back up to his feet, but Stevenson immediately charged him into a corner. It was a shock that the fight did not end in the first round with the flurry of combinations Stevenson was pummeling him with.

Fonfara survived, but Stevenson finished the fight early in the second round with two overhand left that hurt him even more. Quickly realizing that Fonfara was just taking too much damage and had no answer to slow Stevenson down, his trainer Virgil Hunter jumped onto the apron and forced referee Michael Griffin to wait for the end of the fight.

Stevenson improved to 29-1 with 24 knockouts and earned his ninth straight title defense since beating Dawson for the WBC belt in 2013.

Stevenson wore a robe and crown to the ring and proclaimed himself to be the king of the light heavyweight division. Still, despite this victory, it is hard to see Stevenson as the king of the division because he is such an inactive fighter and has yet to face a world-class opponent during his reign. However, Stevenson did say he wants to fight the winner of the rematch between Sergey Kovalev and Andre Ward, which obviously would be a huge clash.

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