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The Year of Durant ends with a title

Kevin Durant joined the Golden State Warriors to win a championship and on Monday night he finally earned his title.

They weren’t letting the Series leave Oracle Arena. On Monday, the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 129-120 for their second time in three seasons to win a championship. They did miss out on the sweep and the 16-0 postseason, but the Warriors are still the NBA Champions after their Game 5 victory.

And for Kevin Durant, this Warriors victory is the sweetest.

Durant made his very polarizing decision to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Warriors, and he did it to win a championship. Now, he has that title, and he proved to be exactly what the Warriors needed to dominate the league. Heading into the NBA Finals, the entire season up to that point was proven just to be a formality. This finals series was supposed to be the great heavyweight clash between two super teams. But the series just proved to be another formality.

The Warriors were expected to win the championship all year long. It’s tough to live up to those sort of expectations, but the Warriors did everything the right way to get their title.

When the Miami Heat made their super team, they were the villains. They went out to shut everybody up. They lost until they changed their mindset. Durant and the Warriors just wanted to be a great team that won a championship. They did that. They never went out with anything to prove. They never seemed to have the mindset that they had to prove something to all the people who were upset they brought Durant in to make a powerhouse team even more of a powerhouse. They were just on a mission to win.

They did.

And Durant’s decision to go to Golden State proved to be the correct decision. He finally got his ring that all-time greats deserve. He deserved it. He joined a team that made so much history and won a title before he got there but was still the undisputed leader. He scored 39 points in Game 5. He led them with five 3-pointers and was the dominance force going to the rim the entire finals series; something the Warriors did not do well last year and cost them.

So to no surprise, Durant was named the 2017 NBA Finals MVP. This year was truly the Year of Durant.

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