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Good news may finally come to the Marlins

By: Corey Parkinson

Finally, there might be some good news coming for the Miami Marlins and their fans. After decades of ownership betrayal, the Marlins are on the verge of being sold. There are ownership groups led by Derek Jeter and Michael Jordan, Pitbull, former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney’s son Tagg Romney, and prominent Miami Businessman Jorge Mas. All of them should be better than Jeffrey Loria, who did nothing but cheap out, practically steal a $1.3 billion stadium from the city that public money paid for, and then cash in on the increased value of the team by putting them up for sale after years of broken promises.

But even before Loria, the Marlins were no stranger to controversy. In 1998, after having just won their first World Series, owner Wayne Huizenga went on the largest firesale in Major League Baseball history. The team would end up with the worst record for a defending World Series Champion, going only 54-108 the next year. This wasn’t to be outdone by them winning another World Series in 2003 and ending up with the lowest payroll in baseball by 2005 after letting all of their stars go.

The only major amount of money Loria has spent on the Marlins was on power hitting outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. However, the rest of the team has provided him little support, and they are still losing a lot. Loria invested in one player, not necessarily the team. Of course, the tragic loss of Jose Fernandez, who seemed to be on his way to a Hall of Fame-worthy career, cannot be viewed as a fault of Loria’s, but the team still hasn’t been winning or drawing a crowd. Not even before that.

A new owner has to finally help the Marlins flourish in Miami, and not just for one year before they get rid of everybody, especially with their beautiful ballpark that the public taxpayer’s tax money was spent on.

Of course, it’s hard for Marlins’ fans to buy into anything considering how they have been burnt so many times before. But while Stanton has a huge contract and a long history of injuries, keeping him, Dee Gordon, Christian Yelich, and Justin Bour as the core of their team should be their focus. If not, they could immediately lose the fans who have still hung on for hope.

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Corey Parkinson

Staff Writer
Corey grew up a sports fanatic and an athlete. A baseball player up until he was 18, his passion and love for the game has remained unchanged. From the time he was five if it involved a ball that you threw or kicked, Corey was all in. His passion for journalism began at the age of 10 when he wrote a play about a World Series involving the Seattle Mariners and The New York Mets. As a Sports Media and Marketing major currently at Full Sail University, Corey is working his way to becoming an MLB beat writer. Writing for has given him the platform to share his knowledge and passion for sports and primarily his undying love for baseball.

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