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Jon Jones returns and regains title with KO

Jon Jones’ career is back on track and his championship is back around his waist after knocking out Daniel Cormier in the third round of their rematch.

Once again, officially, Jon Jones has proven he is the very best light heavyweight in the UFC and quite possibly still the best pound-for-pound fighter around. After two competitive rounds, Jones nailed Cormier with a kick to the right side of his head. From there, Cormier had no chance. While in retreat he got tripped, fell back and curled up against the cage and Jones pummeled him until referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy was forced to call for the stoppage.

After two years during the prime of his career were lost because of his own self-destructive actions, Jones went into the octagon with a purpose against his ‘rival’, who was given his belt and paraded around as the top man in the division. Cormier made points during his with the belt around his waist to say that Jones’ behavior made him not worthy to be champion. He made it a point to say he was actually the better of the two in the octagon, despite losing to him once before.

Cormier had some impressive performances, particularly twice against Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson, during his run, but it just put more fuel into Jones and when the much-anticipated rematch finally did happen, he made it his place to prove he still is the very best.

This rematch was more more competitive than the first fight, however. Cormier was more the aggressor in this fight. He was throwing and landing bigger punches too. But the Olympic wrestler just could not overcome Jones’ length and height. Because of his size, Jones was able to maintain his stable base on his feet. Cormier could not get him down to the mat, where he is better than just about everybody around.

The much younger Jones also showed his speed when getting away from Cormier’s hard punched. His control of the octagon was superior. Then came the head kick, followed by the trip and the strikes that ended the fight at 3:01 in the third round. After all the time that passed and with all the confidence Cormier gained during his run as champion, Jones just still proved to be better and nobody else in that division even seems close.

With that in mind, Jones called out the biggest combat sports name there is, Brock Lesnar, and what a powerhouse fight that could be.

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