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Sports Hall of Fame – 7th Class

So Much Sports is once again thrilled to announce our latest Sports Hall of Fame induction class. This is the seventh class to be inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame and happens to be the largest induction class in the Hall of Fame’s history thus far. 2017 also marks the final year where there will be two regular induction classes. When the Hall of Fame first opened, the idea was to honor only the very best of the best athletes. Now, the Hall is filling up and will move to a once a year format for its normal induction class. However, So Much Sports is also proud to announce that the winter induction date will be used to fill induction into a new international wing of the Hall of Fame. It’s easy to rattle off names of top American sports stars, but this is supposed to be a place where the absolute best of the best are enshrined, honored and remembered. The new international wing will make it easier for great athletes who may be lesser-known in the American sports world but are still the very best of the best in their fields.

But this induction class is not about the international wing that will be opening this winter. This induction class was about guys getting in who were long over-due. It was almost like the voters could not decide which hockey star would get in after Wayne Gretzky was inducted in the very first class. Now, four more hockey players will join him. There were baseball, football, tennis, boxing and Olympic legends who just missed out for some other all-time greats, but now they are in. Some of the greatest college coaches in history and two legendary baseball managers finally are in. Even for contributors, there were some long overdue inducted. This entire class features athletes who have been on the cusp since the very first Hall of Fame vote. Now, they all have their rightful place in the So Much Sports Sports Hall of Fame.


Arthur Ashe – Tennis – 7th induction class

Roberto Clemente – Baseball – 7th induction class

Ty Cobb – Baseball – 7th induction class

Gordie Howe – Hockey – 7th induction class

Mario Lemieux – Hockey – 7th induction class

Joe Louis – Boxing – 7th induction class

Mickey Mantle – Baseball – 7th induction class

Bobby Orr – Hockey – 7th induction class

Walter Payton – Football – 7th induction class

Patrick Roy – Hockey – 7th induction class

Mark Spitz – Swimming – 7th induction class

Lawrence Taylor – Football – 7th induction class


Bear Bryant – College Football – 7th induction class

Bobby Knight – College Basketball – 7th induction class

Connie Mack – Baseball – 7th induction class

Dean Smith – College Basketball – 7th induction class

Casey Stengel – Baseball – 7th induction class


Bruce Lee – Martial Arts – 7th induction class

The Team of Madden & Summerall – Football – 7th induction class

George Steinbrenner – Baseball – 7th induction class



To view the entire Hall of Fame and all of the members visit the Sports Hall of Fame page.

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