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Letterman Bashes Baltimore

By: Bobby Lubaszewski On the Late Show, David Letterman is famous for his hilarious top 10 lists.  However, last night, August 5th, the list hit a little too close to home. Take note of #2… Top Ten Things You Don’t Want To Hear On Your Summer Vacation 10.”Wow, nice shark bite” 9.”I got us a great discount if we agree to be drug mules” 8.”We can’t afford Disney World.We’re taking you kids to Carpet World” 7.”Please, do as the Somali pirates say” 6.”Dude, you don’t remember hooking up with Snooki?” 5.”Your parents didn’t tell you this was fat camp?” 4.”Do…

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Quick Thought: Is the UFC running short on top contenders?

By Brandon Blockinger It may just be me, but I feel that some undeserving fighters are getting shots to fight for the title. For example, the fight this Saturday night between Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves will determine next in line for a shot at the Welterweight title. Now I will say that Fitch should get a shot if he wins. It would be his 5th win in a row, with his last loss being his title shot against Georges St. Pierre.  However, I would not say the same for Alves. His last fight was at UFC 100 where, he…

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The Kids Who Never Grew Up

Why do you love certain athletes? Sometimes you just love guys who are really good. Sometimes you love guys just because they are on your favorite team, but sometimes you just love players because they play the game the right way and just have fun every time they love doing it. Corey Johns and Bobby Lubaszewski are two of those guys who love certain athletes because they just have fun, and are essentially the kid who never grew up. While some people hate players for their antics, these two guys can’t help but love them for it. Below the two…

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Too Much Technology in Sports?

By: Bobby Lubaszewski Recent reports have indicated that the National Football League is in talks with German manufacturer Cairos Technologies to develop a chip-in-ball system to help game officials with close calls on touchdowns and first downs. Though the NFL has not confirmed or denied these reports, a spokesperson for the league, Michael Signora, issued this statement: “We are always exploring ways in which we can be innovative with technology to improve our game and our fans enjoyment of the game.” I do not think this new technology could come soon enough.  In this “game of inches,” we rely too…

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Hall of Fame Pitcher Ryan Takes Over Rangers

By: Dan Levin The Texas Rangers got a new owner early Thursday morning after an investment group fronted by Rangers president Nolan Ryan, outbidding candid Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. The final decision was made 10 hours after the auction started and announced to a standing ovation in a packed federal courthouse. The Greenberg-Ryan group got the bidding started on Wednesday with a $520 million offer. All bids included the $200 million debt of the Rangers including about $25 million still owed to Alex Rodriguez after he was traded to New York in 2006. The winning offer from the group…

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