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Another Strong Offseason Move for the Heat

By: Bobby Lubaszewski Free agent guard Eddie House rejoins the team that drafted him back in 2000. With this addition, the Miami Heat have added another role player to surround the NBA’s newest Big 3. House can provide a spark off the bench and offers the team a solid three-point option – nearly 40% from beyond the arc for his career. What is even a bigger deal for the Heat is the deal they signed House to – a reported $2.8 million over two seasons. To get a player of this caliber for that kind of price is incredible. This…

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Ravens’ Secondary Woes Worsen

By: Bobby Lubaszewski It was just reported today that Ravens starting cornerback Dominique Foxworth will miss the 2010-2011 NFL season with a torn ACL – an injury he suffered early Friday morning in the Ravens’ first team practice of training camp. This would normally be bad, but with Ladarius Webb and Fabian Washington recovering from serious knee injuries and Ed Reed not only recovering from hip surgery, but also seeking a new contract, Baltimore’s secondary is looking shaky to say the least. Even if Webb and Washington are able to return by week one, knee injuries are nothing to laugh…

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Who’s The Greatest Athlete Of All Time? Corey’s Turn To Say

My colleague Bobby recently wrote his list of the greatest athletes of all time. While I do agree with some of his picks, I think he missed several of the best athletes ever. So because of that, it’s my turn to give a list of 10. The same rules apply to my list. This is a list of the greatest ATHLETES, not necessarily the best guys at their particular sport. While being great at one sport will help make this list, it will not be the only deciding factor. So without further adieu, the list: 10. Babe Ruth Even to…

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Who’s The Greatest Athlete Of All Time? Bobby Has Some Thoughts

By: Bobby Lubaszewski So, while partaking in a few adult beverages at a small bar in New York City, a stranger shouted an intriguing question to me from across the bar. “Hey you,” shouted the clearly less than sober man who looked to be in his late 20’s. “Which pro-athlete really had the most, natural, athletic ability? You have five seconds: 5…4…3…2…1.” Nothing. I froze, stumped by the question at hand. Who really was the greatest ATHLETE of all-time? This question plagued my mind all night. I tossed and turned as I tried to formulate some sort of criteria to…

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Ravens Decision: Business or Compassion?

By: Bobby Lubaszewski So with the Ravens’ 1st pick, Sergio Kindle, still unsure whether he will ever be able to play football again, after falling down two flights of stairs and fracturing his skull, the organization is faced with a tough decision. Do they sign Kindle to a deal, allowing him some sort of financial security, or do they sit and wait? Technically, the Ravens do not need to do anything. They own the rights to Kindle for one year and can wait to see what happens before investing any type of money into the former Texas standout. However, not…

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