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Royals add the Ace they needed with Cueto

The Royals achieved the best record in the major leagues despite a struggling rotation but with the addition of Cueto they have a true No. 1 starting pitcher.

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Hamels throws no-hitter before likely trade

Cole Hamels is going to be traded before next week’s deadline and threw a no-hitter in what is probably his final start for the Phillies.

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Baseball teams give up way too fast

The Tigers may not be living up to expectations this year but how could they even consider trading a stud pitcher like David Price?

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Top teams need to learn from As blunders

Last year, the As were the best team in baseball for changing the team’s dynamic with huge trades, a trap teams this year must learn to avoid.

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Mike Trout leads AL to 6-3 All-Star Game victory

Mike Trout became the first player ever to win back-to-back All-Star Game MVPs and did it in most impressive fashion, showing off his great power and speed.

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