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Frazier wins new and improved Home Run Derby

While Todd Frazier gave his fans something great to celebrate, Major League Baseball’s rule changes created a perfectly exciting event.

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Gordon’s injury leaves Marlin without an All-Star

Giancarlo Stanton was already known to be missing the All-Star game but Dee Gordon’s thumb injury leaves the Marlins without a representative.

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Moustakas and Martinez win Final spots

Mike Moustakas and Carlos Martinez won the Final Vote, but neither one were the right choice.

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New format should fix Derby’s problem

The new single-elimination format should provide great excitement and fix the problem of the Home Run Derby becoming way too long of an event.

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Jones replaces injured Gordon at All-Star starter

A groin injury will keep Royals outfielder Alex Gordon out of the All-Star game. Orioles outfielder Adam Jones will start in his place while Brett Gardner was added.

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