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MLB ratings prove baseball is still king

Anybody who wants to claim baseball is losing its fans just has to look at the ratings it’s getting against the NHL and NBA playoffs.

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What exactly is the Rangers plan for Hamilton?

Josh Hamilton’s stint in Los Angeles was a complete failure but the Rangers are bringing him back and we’re not quite sure why.

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Let’s give A-Rod some credit

Alex Rodriguez is easy to criticize but let’s give him some credit for hitting 661 home runs regardless of the situation.

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Bartolo Colon: Pitching better than ever

Bartolo Colon, one of the biggest punchlines in all of baseball, is leading the New York Mets, the biggest joke in baseball, to great success.

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Actually, baseball should get rid of the DH

There has been a lot of arguments for the DH and how the National League should add them but getting rid of them entirely would fix two of baseball’s biggest problems.

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