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No one wants to see pitchers hit

More than just the injury risk, pitchers are just terrible to watch in the batters box since they rarely do anything.

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A-Rod’s milestone that no one cares about

Moving into fourth place on the all-time home run list should be something we celebrate but at this point, nobody really cares that A-Rod did it.

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Wainwright’s injury sparks DH debate in NL

Adam Wainwright is paid a lot of money to pitch but the Cardinals have lost one of the games best hurlers after a trip to the batters box.

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Nelson Cruz still hitting homers

The Orioles let Nelson Cruz leave in free agency despite leading MLB in home runs in 2014 and he’s smashing them at a higher rate with the Mariners.

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Was it a dirty play by Brett Lawrie?

Brett Lawrie’s slide into Alcides Escobar was not held in high regard by the Royals and it caused a huge fight but it could be argued that it wasn’t dirty.

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