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Baseball must finally get rid of the beanball

While he missed, Bryce Harper originally through a helmet in response to being hit by a pitch. It’s just getting too out of hand. Baseball needs to finally get rid of it.

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Shohei Otani set to be MLB’s next Japanese craze

The 22-year-old Japanese phenom hits the ball hard and throws it even harder and will be the next import with MLB teams lining up to get him.

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Eric Thames: Real Deal or Flash in the Pan?

Eric Thames’ comeback is one of the feel-good stories of this season, but will he be one to sustain the success or be the latest one-month wonder?

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Could NFL relocation spill over to MLB?

With a wave of relocation reshaping the NFL, could we start seeing some MLB teams following suit and moving as well as they too look to chance big money?

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How the 2018 FA class is already on teams minds

Why is it January and there are still many big ticket free agents available? Teams may already be preparing for the absolutely loaded 2018-19 free agent class.

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