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More likely World Series: Beltway or LA?

The Dodgers have the best pitcher, the Angels the best hitter and the Os and Nats are the two most complete teams.

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Moneyball strategy not why A’s lost

Mostly because Billy Beane’s completely turned away from it in the second half of the year while they collapsed.

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Long time coming, the Royals are here

The Royals took their time, nearly five hours, before claiming victory in their first playoff game in 29 years.

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2014 MLB Playoff Capsules

The postseason is here but only one team can win the World Series. We look at why each team can win it all and why each team could leave disappointed.

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Stanton, Headley both hit in face by a pitch

Gruesome injuries are eye-openers when they happen but nobody will be surprised when both guys come back this season to keep playing.

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