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Arrieta’s no-hitter is start of great Cubs run

The Cubs have been waiting a long time to win a World Series and they just might have the magic touch this year.

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Unexpected results coming from two teams

The Orioles were expected to finish in last place this year, and while it is still early, their lineup looks way to powerful for that to happen.

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Pablo’s weight becomes a big problem

Not long after his stomach broke his belt, Pablo Sandoval went on the disabled list for a mysterious shoulder strain.

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3 teams that will make it back to the playoffs

It’s early in the season but here are three teams that have shown signs that they can get back to the playoffs.

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Bonds is Marlins biggest addition of the offseason

Barry Bonds is a polarizing figure but there is no doubting the man can hit the baseball and his knowledge will really benefit the young Miami Marlins team do that.

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