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Orioles trade for slugger Mark Trumbo

The Orioles traded catcher Steve Clevenger to the Seattle Mariners for slugger Mark Trumbo. Potentially preparing them for the departure of Chris Davis.

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It’s time to re-instate Pete Rose

The issue never gets old, Pete Rose’s standing in baseball is a topic of discussion against the Rob Manfred getting ready to decide what he’s going to do with him.

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Royals win World Series

From Opening Day it was clear this was the Royals year and they were not denied after coming so close to winning it all last year.

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2015 So Much Sports MLB Awards

The World Series is about to get underway but before that let’s hand out some awards. Se who stood out this year, our MVPs, Cy Young winners and more.

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Dodgers fire Don Mattingly as manager

Don Mattingly was not really the reason the Dodgers did not make it to the World Series but he was the easy target to place the blame on.

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