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Jones pulled from 200 for anti-doping violation

UFC 200 has been a mess since the early stages of it’s planning and now just a few days before the show it’s back-up main event has been cancelled.

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Thompson picks MacDonald apart in Canada

Rory MacDonald had home field advantage, but Stephen Thompson’s striking was on display as he likely earned a title shot with a victory over the former challenger.

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No way should Rockhold get immediate rematch

The UFC seems interested in having title rematches right now, but there are way too many deserving middleweights to give Rockhold another shot right away.

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MMA wouldn’t be what it is without Kimbo

Kimbo Slice was a huge draw, brought a lot of fans to MMA and helped make it a viable sport for broadcast companies to televise.

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Kimbo Slice dies suddenly at 42

Just hours after being rushed to a South Florida hospital for undisclosed reasons, MMA star Kimbo Slice died at the age of 42.

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