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Why Penn’s IV violation is so forgivable

It is easy to turn on any fighter who violated any USADA policy, but in BJ Penn’s case, it’s something we could easily forgive.

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Wilson Reis chosen as DJ’s next victim

It’s hard to imagine Demetrious Johnson losing to anybody, but somebody has to fight him so the UFC dipped down in the rankings for WIlson Reis.

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Lawler-Woodley set for UFC 201

It’s hard to argue that Tyron Woodley is most deserving of a title shot, but his availability made him the pick face Robbie Lawler at UFC 201.

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Bisping finally gets title shot

The one thing Michael Bisping has never fought for is a UFC Championship, but now he’s got it as a late fill-in against Luke Rockhold.

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Bisping should be Rockhold’s fill-in opponent

Michael Bisping’s recent resurgence should be enough to finally earn him a shot at a UFC title as a fill-in opponent after Chris Weidman’s injury.

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