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Pulling GSP was the right move

To be honest, Georges St-Pierre never should have gotten the title shot to begin with, but after requesting more time to prepare he had to be pulled.

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Should Jones return to a title shot?

Jon Jones looks like the only worthy challenger for Daniel Cormier, but should he immediately be given a title shot upon his return in July?

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‘Rumble’ reached his peak and is retiring

After failing to win the light heavyweight title in his second opportunity, Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson announced his retirement from MMA.

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Woodley-Thompson 3 should happen, but in time

After two fights it’s still impossible to pick whose better out of Tyron Woodley and Stephen Thompson, but both should take different fights before fighting a third time.

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Woodley has a dangerous chip on his shoulder

Tyron Woodley had ridiculous power that can knock anybody out, but in his rematch with Stephen Thompson at UFC 209 he has even more reason to dominate.

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