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McIlroy, Spieth can lead the post Tiger era

Tiger Woods was the only reason fans tuned in to watch golf for quite a while but not the young duo Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth can make must-watch events.

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Jordan Spieth solidifies himself as a star

With wins at both the Masters and now the US Open, Jordan Spieth has solidified himself as a superstar on the golf course.

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Rickie Fowler’s time has come

The young golfer gets looked over quite a bit but he showed the world he can be a great player wit a remarkable win at the Players Championship.

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Recent struggles don’t diminish Tiger’s career

Tiger Woods is playing so bad right now he’s taking a break to improve his game but his recent struggles don’t diminish what he’s done over his incredible career.

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USA losing Ryder Cups by not playing like Americans

Tom Watson tried to rule with an iron fist instead of adopting Paul Azinger’s pod system that allowed the team to play together as a group.

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