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Nova’s, Big East’s flaws exposed in upset

Villanova was thought to be one of the very best teams in one of the best conference in the country but NC State showed how we were all very wrong with those beliefs.

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NCAA Tournament: Round of 32 Picks

Will Fred VanVleet help Wichita State live up to their name and advance past the state power Kansas? What other upsets might we expect?

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Corey’s full women’s bracket

Boasting the nation’s best offense and best defense, will the Huskies win their third-straight title get their 10th National Championship under Geno Auriemma?

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NCAA Tournament: Round of 64 Picks

The Round of 64 is all about the big upsets. Check out who we have getting surprise victories early in the NCAA Tournament.

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NCAA Tournament: First Four Picks

Some say the NCAA Tournament doesn’t start until Thursday but if you’ve seen the First Four the past few years you know the madness starts now.

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