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Corey’s full NCAA Tournament bracket

Corey’s on board with the hot UNC Tar Heels, check out how far he has them going and if he has a team other than Kentucky cutting down the nets.

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Looking at the 5-12 matchups

Bobby Hurley and his Buffalo Bulls will have a lot of people picking them to upset West Virginia, but how to they and the other 12 seeds look?

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NCAA Tournament Bracket Overview

Can anybody beat Kentucky? Don’t count on it but there are plenty of great matchups to make for a great tournament this year.

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The loss of the small conference tournament

Small conferences are starting to eliminate the greatest atmosphere in sports by moving away from the single-site conference tournament format.

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Kentucky all-in on 40-0

While the goal is to win a championship, not to go undefeated, the Wildcats are all in on 40-0. A loss in the SEC Tournament would derail them.

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