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Champions Bracket: 2004 Connecticut vs. 2002 Maryland

Two very experienced teams with two of the best players of their era in this game. Juan Dixon’s Terps would be in a very tough battle against Emeka Okafor’s Huskies.

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Champions Bracket: 2001 Duke vs. 2012 Kentucky

Which goes through, a group of guys everybody knew would be great in the NBA or a group of great college basketball players?

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Champions Bracket: 2009 North Carolina vs. 2004 Connecticut

In this second round game some of the best college basketball players of the era go head-to-head in a very close match-up.

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Champions Bracket: 2008 Kansas vs. 2002 Maryland

Kansas and Maryland are two incredibly similar teams. Both are filled with upperclassmen who were thrown into the fire together as freshman. Both have good guards with big, strong big men. It’s a tough call.

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Champions Bracket: 2012 Kentucky vs. 2003 Syracuse

Carmelo Anthony was a far superior talent in Syracuse’s first round upset but Anthony Davis closes the gap in this one. Which superstar wins?

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