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Champions Bracket: 2001 Duke vs. 2005 North Carolina

The rivalry isn’t excluded in this one. A 2001 Duke team lead by outside shooters squares off against a 2005 UNC squad with a dominant interior game.

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Champions Bracket: 2008 Kansas vs. 2010 Duke

Duke had a dominant outside trio in 2010 but Kansas had a very good and deep and well-balanced team that ran past future NBA stars in the 2008 tournament.

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Champions Bracket: 2009 North Carolina vs. 2011 UConn

Another great battle between a great team and a great player. North Carolina had a tremendous all around team and some very good players in 2009 but Kemba Walker was just a dominant player who carried the Huskies to a surprise National Championship in 2011. Walker was unstoppable leading a team that was built for tournaments. He was the quintessential floor-leader and captain of his squad. He ran the floor, moved the offense, made the tough shots and got all of his teammates involved and made them better. The Huskies ran through him and feed off his energy. He was…

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Champions Bracket: 2004 UConn vs. 1999 UConn

It wasn’t planned to have two UConn teams go head-to-head in the first round. That’s just what happens when one team wins 25% of the titles in the past 16 years,

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Champions Bracket: 2000 Michigan State vs. 2002 Maryland

In this 6-11 matchup the tough and powerful Michigan State Spartans face another former No. 1 seed, a very electric Maryland squad.

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