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Northwestern: Not your typical Cinderella

Northwestern is American’s Darling in their first-ever NCAA Tournament, but they are far from being your typical Cinderella Story.

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Gonzaga’s defense key to Final Four run

Offense has never been a problem for Gonzaga, but this year their defense will make a deep tournament run more possible than ever.

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UConn WBB wins 100th-straight game

It’s 100 and counting for the UConn women’s basketball team. a ridiculously impressive streak that is great for women’s basketball, not harmful in any way.

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Legendary coach Pat Summit passes away at 64

Pat Summitt was not only an exceptional coach, but she was one of the most influential people in the rise of women’s athletics in the world.

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NABC committee limits mid-majors voice

The NCAA has invited a NABC group to look at the selection process, but the committee is dominated by coaches from power conferences.

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