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Week 9 Playoff and Heisman Watch

The Hawkeyes have made it impossible to ignore them. They may not be in our playoffs but check out which bowl game they broke into.

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Jones better pro prospect but worse fit for OSU

J.T. Barrett led OSU to a 49-7 victory over Rutgers but it was because he’s a better fit for Urban Meyer, not because he’s necessarily better than Cardale Jones.

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Al Golden was in the wrong place at wrong time

The Miami Hurricanes had little choice but to fire Al Golden, but it was a bad situation and probably wouldn’t have been different under anybody else.

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Week 8 Playoff and Heisman Watch

Stanford is on a hot streak and on a dramatic rise up our rankings, but is their success and Utah’s stumble enough to get them in the playoffs?

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Top options to coach at USC

Don’t get it twisted, USC is still one of the premier college football programs in the country and should be a hot destination job for any rising candidate.

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