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Briles fired from Baylor amid scandal

Art Briles has had a ton of success as the head coach of the Baylor Bears, but had to be let go amid the sexual assaults scandal going on.

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Alabama is still the king of College Football

The Crimson Tide won their fourth National Championship in seven seasons in an unforgettably great title game against Clemson.

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CFP must react to low ratings

The two national semifinals games saw major drops in ratings from last year’s games, probably because they were on New Years Eve and not New Years Day.

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Derrick Henry wins Heisman trophy

It was a close one but Alabama running back Derrick Henry won the 81st Heisman Trophy after carrying the Alabama offense by himself all season long.

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This year’s 12 most intriguing bowl games

There are 40 Bowl Games but some stand out among the rest. Here are our picks for this year’s 12 most must-see Bowl Games, other than the title game of course.

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