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Heisman Trophy Finalist and Pick

Alabama running back Derrick Henry led the Heisman race the second half of the season but is he out pick on our final list of did somebody jump him?

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Playoff field needs to expand

The playoffs are better than the BCS but the field has to expand to at least eight teams so worthy teams can play for the National Championship.

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Final Playoff and Bowl Game projections

Clemson is 13-0 with wins over three top 10 teams and won the ACC Championship. They’ve secured the No. 1 spot and see who joins them in the playoffs.

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Week 13 Playoff and Heisman Watch

Oklahoma has crashed into the playoffs with a dominant win over Oklahoma State but there are some huge toss up games during championship week coming up.

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Bulldogs fire Mark Reicht

Mark Reicht won a ton of games with the Georgia Bulldogs but ultimately he was not winning the big games and that eventually cost him his job in Athens.

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