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What is fencing without Sergey Sharikov?

Sergey Sharikov died in an ATV accident earlier this month, leaving the sport of fencing without the best ever.

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Why a horse race means so much

You might ask how an event in which an animal runs for just two minutes means so much in sports history, and we’re here to tell you exactly why.

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American Pharoah wins 1st Triple Crown in 37 yrs

American Pharoah has finally ended the Triple Crown drought and did so with a very impressive runaway victory in the Belmont Stakes.

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American Pharoah’s quests for immortality

It’s been 37-years since a horse won the Triple Crown. American Pharoah is the latest with a shot but has an uphill battle to win it.

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His legacy is tarnished but who is to blame?

Just like baseball trying to clean up their PED issue now, cycling is trying to clean up after it’s too late.

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