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Army-Navy is college football’s greatest rivalry

Maybe it doesn’t have the biggest stars playing, and maybe the game doesn’t carry national title hopes any more, but nothing is better than Army-Navy.

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Lamar Jackson wins 82nd Heisman Trophy

Lamar Jackson’s electrifying plays and video-game like numbers made him the clear choice to become the 82nd Heisman Trophy winner.

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Louisville got robbed of Orange Bowl appearance

The Cardinals dominated Florida State 63-20 and finished above them in the ACC Atlantic Division, yet the Seminoles got pick to play in the Orange Bowl over Louisville.

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Why schedule tough teams?

With Washington’s terrible non-conference schedule not hurting their bid to the college football playoffs, what incentive is there to ever schedule a tough game?

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Week 15 Playoff and Heisman Watch

After winning the SEC Championship and improving to 12-0, Alabama is No. 1. The rest of it is up in the air. Check out our final projected rankings.

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