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EPL Match Day 25 Preview

Liverpool and Tottenham will square off in this week’s marquee matchup as both are looking for the points to be top three teams by the end of the week.

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EPL 24: Chelsea further proves dominance

Chelsea went up against a tough Arsenal team that was tied for second in the EPL table but blew them out and left with a 3-1 victory.

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EPL Match Day 24 Preview

Arsenal and Chelsea are set to square off in a crucial match between two of the top teams in the EPL table. Here is our preview for all Match Day 24 games.

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Unexpected results help Chelsea extend table lead

Chelsea was in prime position to lose ground in match day 23, but the shocking results actually helped them increase their lead on the rest of the league.

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FIFA will regret World Cup expansion

The World Cup was perfect as it is, expanding to 48 teams is purely a money grab, but threatens to water down the great product that it is.

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