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Unexpected results help Chelsea extend table lead

Chelsea was in prime position to lose ground in match day 23, but the shocking results actually helped them increase their lead on the rest of the league.

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FIFA will regret World Cup expansion

The World Cup was perfect as it is, expanding to 48 teams is purely a money grab, but threatens to water down the great product that it is.

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Klinsmann canned as USMT skipper

Jurgen Klinsmann ultimately lost too many important games as the USMT manager and recent losses put the in last place in World Cup qualifying.

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Top young stars of Euro 2016

Major international tournaments are where the big stars cement their legacies, but it’s also where young players can become big stars. Here are five standouts.

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Tuesday’s win does erase USMNT’s problems

The USMNT saved their World Cup hopes with a win over Guatemala on Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean there are not problems that need to be fixed.

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