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Walton is perfect hire for Lakers

With a young team starting with almost a blank slate, Luke Walton is the perfect guy to mold them and lead them back to glory.

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Fate’s fortune will help Warriors survive

The Warriors got a big break when Chris Paul and Blake Griffin went down to set up a second round series against Portland before Steph Curry returns.

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Injuries change complexion of NBA playoffs

With Stephen Curry out for at least two weeks and Chris Paul done for the rest of the playoffs, this postseason has completely changed in only a matter of days.

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Byron Scott fired by Lakers

There was no chance Byron Scott could have been successful the past two years in the Lakers, but hire firing still was the only thing that makes sense.

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Wizards make safe hire in Scott Brooks

Putting Scott Brooks with John Wall and Bradley Beal seems like a great idea, but it also further opens the door for Kevin Durant to come this offseason.

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