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Melo becoming invisible in the Big Apple

Despite being one of the NBA’s top scorers and playing in the biggest country’s media market, Carmelo Anthony is becoming a forgotten man.

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Good drafting key behind East’s resurgence

The Eastern Conference has notably been worse than the West for some time now but there has been an influx of young talent coming in through the draft.

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Bryant to retire as one of games greats

The 37-year-old announced he will retire at the end of the season and will go down as one of the all-time greatest players in NBA history.

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Wizards big bet on Durant might backfire

The Washington Wizards set themselves up well to be able to get Kevin Durant but if they don’t lure him in, in the offseason they will be in a very tough place.

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Cousins is a mirage, not a great

There is no way the Kings would continually be as bad as they are if DeMarcus Cousins was the best big man in the NBA.

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