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Chances of an NBA Finals rematch

It’s not easy getting back to the NBA finals but led by two of the very best in the NBA the Warriors and Cavaliers have a chance to meet again.

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A great team beat a great man

The Warriors and Cavaliers got to the finals in very different ways but eventually the best team truly did win.

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The NBA got Finals MVP absolutely right

The NBA didn’t give the MVP to a remarkable LeBron James in a losing effort or one of the splash brothers because of their names, they gave it t the worthy MVP.

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Golden State Warriors win NBA Championship

The Golden State Warriors were the best team all year long and completed their remarkable season with a very worthy NBA Championship.

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Lance Stephenson worth the risk for the Clippers

Lance Stephenson was a major free agent bust for the Hornets last year but for the Clippers he’ll be in way more favorable defensive matchups.

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