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Paul and Griffin opt-outs could make wakes in FA

It seems routine for star players to opt out of old contracts to re-sign with their teams on bigger deals, but it wouldn’t be a shock if Chris Paul and Blake Griffin left LA.

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Ainge continues Celtics youth movement

The Celtics didn’t make a flashy move for a proven NBA star, but still made a great move by trading down, adding draft picks and selection Jayson Tatum.

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Drafting Fultz is the easy decision for the Celtics

The Celtics could use the No. 1 pick in the NBA trade in a few different ways, but the most logical way to use it is probably the simplest — draft Markelle Fultz.

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The Year of Durant ends with a title

Kevin Durant went to Golden State so he could win a championship and achieved that dream on Monday night as the Warriors beat the Cavs in five games.

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Cavs epic Game 4 avoids finals sweep

The Cavaliers sent a great reminder that they are the defending NBA Champions and put up a great Game 4 to avoid being swept by the Warriors.

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