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Gutsiest draft decisions

Not every draft pick is easy, some are incredibly tough decisions that take a lot of guts to make by the guys making them. Here are the five gutsiest decisions since 2000.

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Top 20 Draft Steals Since 2000

We went over all of the draft busts, now it’s time to look at all of the best draft steals and honestly there are not as many big ones.

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Top 20 Draft Busts Since 2000

The NBA Draft is full of draft busts, actually the lottery has more busts than stars come out of it every year but some are worse than others and these are those guys.

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Nets make dumb gamble by hiring Kidd

There were plenty of better proven candidates the Nets could have hired but they decided to go with Jason Kidd. It should be interesting but it’s a huge gamble.

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Best and Worst drafting teams since 2000

Odds are, if Michael Jordan had anything to do with a team’s draft then it is probably a bad one.

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