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Jason Kidd and Grant Hill retire from the NBA

There is no doubt Jason Kidd will be enshrined in the Hall of Fame but injuries leave Grant Hill’s status in a bit more question, but he should still be in anyway.

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Legacies on the line in NBA Finals

Lebron James will clash with Tim Duncan in the finals during one of the most intriguing NBA Finals of the past decade.

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Top 50 Point Guards in the NBA

Kyrie Irving is not there yet but he is well on his way to being a dominant point guard, see where he ranks among the Top 50 point guards in the NBA right now.

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NBA Conference Finals Preview

So far the playoffs have been great and don’t expect anything different in the conference finals where evenly matched teams fight for a chance to advance.

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Iman Shumpert and basketball’s best flat tops

Iman Shumpert just had maybe the dunk of the year but not only is he helping the Knicks during they playoff run he’s a big part of the flat top revival.

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