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Despite A+ offseason, the Knicks are still bad

The Knicks appeared to have had a great offeseason, but the success on paper hasn’t translated to success on the court and now the Knicks are stuck in a free fall.

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Looking into the Mavs hard fall from grace

Six years ago the Mavericks were NBA Champions, they’ve been able to lure in some talent players, but they are one of the league’s worst teams this season.

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The more on Harden, the better the Rockets are

Putting the ball in James Harden’s hands as much as possible in Mike D’Antoni’s fast offense is only going to make the Rockets a more dangerous team.

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Bulls are Butler’s team, but how much changed?

Maybe the team’s chemistry will be better with Dwayne Wade and Rajon Rondo, but how will adding two more slashers help space the floor for Jimmy Butler?

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Can Brooks get the Wizards going?

The Wizards replacing Randy Whittman with Scott Brooks seems like more of a lateral move than a progressive one.

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