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Robert Griffin III signs with Cleveland

It’s hard to know what to think about Robert Griffin III signing in Cleveland, because he’s paired with Hue Jackson…but it’s the Cleveland Browns.

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Griffin and the Broncos would be a perfect match

Robert Griffin III had a tremendous rookie season running Mike Shanahan’s offense, which is a very similar offense to the one Gary Kubiak runs.

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Patriot trade Chandler Jones to Cardinals

It’s hard to ever argue with a move Bill Belichick makes, but it is very curious to see them trade a Pro Bowler to Arizona for a struggling guard and a draft pick.

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Phins making same free agency mistakes

When will the Miami Dolphins learn that signing overprices big named is not going to help them win? Mario Williams doesn’t look like he’ll be a signing to buck the trend.

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An idea to change what the Pro Bowl is

The Pro Bowl has it’s problems, but a change in it’s format, new events and a new marketing campaign might make it more interesting.

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