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Coaches already on the hot seat

We’re only two weeks into the season but there are already a handful of coaches who absolutely need to pick up some wins quickly or they could be fired.

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Quick Inside Slant: Week 1

The conversation has started, but what’s it about? And should we force people to talk about it on the anniversary of our darkest day? Dustin is glad you asked..

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Top 5 week 1 overreactions

It has only been on week in the 2016 season, so let’s not put the bust label on Ezekiel Elliott already after one disappointing debut against a tough defensive line.

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Quick Inside Slant: NFC East Preview

One team has to win the horrible NFC East, which mess of a team is going to step up and win it?

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Quick Inside Slant: AFC North Preview

With Andy Dalton back healthy can the Cincinnati Bengals finally take the next step and not only make the playoffs but win a playoff game?

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